Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Prayer for Priests

Part II of the review of the book by Georges Bernanos and the film by Robert Bresson, Diary of a Country Priest, will not be posted this week as promised because another week or two will be required to complete it.

This prayer for priests, however, is very much in keeping with the theme of the book and film and therefore is offered here for both prayer and reflection:
A Prayer for Priests
"IN THE NAME OF THE MOST HOLY TRINITY, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, we beseech Thee, O Christ, Eternal High Priest, that Thou keep hidden within the Wound in Thy Heart Thy priests whom Thou hast ordained to Thy Eternal Priesthood.
"Preserve them, protect them as the dispenser of the mysteries of God and keep them faithful in their mission as Thy expiatory victims for the sins of men. Together with Thee, O Christ, are they continually offered on Thy Altar on High in the sight of the Father, a propitiation of love rising as incense from men to God. Ever increase in Thy faithful priest-victims Thy power to draw all hearts into Thy Own that Thou mayest perfect Thy work of grace among the sons of God, whose inheritance is the Kingdom of Heaven.
"Have pity, O Christ, on those of Thy priviliged ones who have strayed from Thy Heart and torn open the Wound in Thy Side by their infidelity to Thee. Release upon them the torrents of Thy love and compassion, drowning their souls in Thy ocean of mercy that they may not escape. Draw them back into the fullness of the Life and the Light that is of God. Amen."
+Henry J. O'Brien, D.D., Archbishop of Hartford, April 1, 1959".
Prayers for Priests, compiled by John Bosco Books, 1994. All rights reserved.

El Greco's "Agony in the Garden". From Web Gallery of Art. In the public domain.

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