Thursday, June 6, 2019

Self-Defense for Catholics

Frequent visitors to this blog will know that I almost never post on matters with political implications.  Moreover, a blog devoted mostly to church flowers and manners might seem like an odd place for a post on self-defense.  That being said, I recently watched a documentary about a Christian family in an African country where the mother, father, and son-in-law were all brutally beaten.  Although it was not entirely clear from the film, it appeared as if the family members had the means of defending themselves but did not use them, perhaps believing that was the Christian response.

This very upsetting film led me to look into the Church's view of self-defense.  I found a post at The Catholic Gentleman that reviewed the thoughts of St. Thomas Aquinas, quoted the Catechism, and summarized the principles as follows:
"We have a legitimate right to self defense based on rightly ordered self love.
"We have a duty to protect those in our care, such as our families.
"Force should be used in moderation. Force should be met with like force.
"The taking of a human life in self defense should be a last resort, when all other options have been exhausted."
 You may read more at the above link.


Marie-Jacqueline said...

By way of comment, I want to add here that one of the greatest gifts of traditional Catholic thought is clarity with regard to complex issues. Unfortunately, however, many Catholics today are poorly catechized, largely I think due to the devastating effects of Vatican II. There were a couple of times in my life years ago when I sought the counsel of older priests (trained well prior to VII) while trying to make difficult decisions. I was amazed at how quickly they parted the cobwebs of confusion. But of course they were grounded in Thomistic thought.

Anonymous said...

Marie-Jacqueline: I have just discovered your blog and I love it. The Traditional Latin Mass arrived here in remote northern California only two years ago. Recently I began doing flowers for the traditional altar and am inspired by your posts! Thank you!

Marie-Jacqueline said...


I'm glad you find the blog helpful and that you have the traditional Latin Mass in your area. Best wishes!