Thursday, March 19, 2020

Prayer to St. Joseph in Time of Distress

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph.  Also, Holy Mother Church dedicates the month of March to St. Joseph. He is indeed a powerful intercessor.

We come to thee, O blessed Joseph, in our sore distress. Having sought the aid of thy most blessed spouse, we now confidently implore thy assistance also. We humbly beg that, mindful of the dutiful affection which bound thee to the immaculate Virgin Mother of God, and of the fatherly love with which thou didst cherish the Child Jesus, thou wilt lovingly watch over the heritage which Jesus Christ purchased with His blood, and by thy powerful intercession help us in our urgent need.

Most powerful guardian of the Holy Family, protect the chosen race of Jesus Christ; drive far from us, most loving father, every pest of error and corrupting sin. From thy place in heaven, most powerful protector, graciously come to our aid in this conflict with the power of darkness, and as of old thou didst deliver the Child Jesus from supreme peril of life, so now defend the holy Church of God from the snares of her enemies and from all adversity.

Have each of us always in thy keeping that, following thy example, and borne up by thy strength, we may be able to live holy, die happily, and so enter the everlasting bliss of heaven. Amen.

Sources: (prayer text); Wikipedia (image)