Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dressing for Mass in Hot Weather

Among the most-visited posts on this site are those on proper attire at Mass.  It's interesting to read the queries that result in the reader arriving at the post.  Right now there seems to be a concern about what to do in hot weather.

The answer is that what is proper is exactly the same -- elevated attire: veils, chapel caps, or hats for women, no hats for men, no trousers for women, no shorts for anyone, no jeans for anyone, no bare arms or bare shoulders for anyone, no flip-flops or sneakers for anyone.  Take at least as much care with your personal hygiene and grooming as you do at other times (if not more), leave your water bottle in the car, and your dog at home.

But, "It's hot," you complain.  Well, the answer is to wear lightweight breathable linen or cotton garments and to the extent you are still uncomfortable .  . . offer it up, soldier it through.  After all you are a member of the church militant!

Image:  Details of flax plant from which linen fibers are derived.  From Wikimedia Commons.  In the public domain in the United States.

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