Sunday, March 16, 2014

Church Flowers for the Annunciation

During the past few weeks I've been putting up various posts about flowers related to the feast of the Annunciation (March 25).  Now that we are getting close to the feast day, I hope to integrate the series here.

As a feast of Our Lady, the liturgical color is white.  McClinton (who I think must have been a high-church Anglican), states that the feast of the Annunciation "calls for blue and white flowers.  White iris or Madonna lilies are appropriate and can be used together with blue iris or Delphinium."

If you are thinking of using white flowers, see my post White Flowers for Church Decoration for ideas.  And if you would like to use blue flowers, see the list of blue & lavender flowers in Church Flowers for Septuagesima.

McClinton's old English table of flowers associates the following blooms with this feast day:

Madonna lily (same as Annunciation lily)
Daffodil (Mary's Star)
White iris
Almond blossom
Our Lady's Smock

I've done posts on most of these flowers which you can find via the above links.

ImageBlue delphinium - Photograph by Andreas Fink.  From Wikimedia Commons.  Click for license.

Source for text:  Katherine Morrison McClinton, Flower Arrangement in the Church (Morehouse-Gorham Co., 1958), pp. 45, 93.)

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