Monday, June 2, 2014

No Dogs at Mass

Yes, these days some individuals bring their pets to Mass -- even the traditional Latin Mass -- and even along with them into the confessional or to the altar rail for Holy Communion.

Leave your pet at home or get a sitter!  Don't think that if the priest tolerates such conduct, it means he approves of it.  If your Catholic sense does not tell you it is wrong to bring your dog or other pet to Mass, I don't think I can convince you.  But just let me say that not only is it irreverent to do this, but it is uncharitable.  Many individuals are allergic to pet dander and some have allergic reactions to flea bites.  Also you are shocking the sensibilities of persons for whom such conduct is unthinkable.


Marie-Jacqueline said...

Lest there be any confusion, let me make it clear that I am talking about pets, not bona fide service animals. And yes, people are bringing pets to Mass, to the confessional, and to the altar rail.

Marie-Jacqueline said...

Let me add that a therapy dog is not a service animal within the meaning of the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can verify this statement at this link:

Janet Baker said...

I do agree, and yet. I attended the novus ordo mass for a time in a very tiny pueblita in the Green Mountains in Mexico, in LaYerbabuena. There were, as usual, many processions around the square and into the lovely little church, and the tail end was often a dog. And the ladies of that church were, as most sensible folk, scandalized by the dogs, one of which, a sleepy eyed shepherd of some kind I once observed made himself at home right in the manger scene--right after he relieved himself on the corner of it. And Father did nothing! In explanation Father said he had vowed never to forbid church to the dogs, because a faithful dog of a woman had come to the rectory one evening and refused to leave until Father accompanied him home, where he found the woman fallen from a stroke and unable to rise. He was able to confess her before the ambulance came, Father said. And so, he had promised never to forbid dogs the church. If Father told you that story, Marie-Jacqueline, would you change your mind? I almost did, I confess.