Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Path of the Red Roses

Here is how The Rosarian Handbook explains the second set of three days of the Rosary Novena according to the Rose Paths:

“[1] Opening Prayer [Same as the first three days]

“[2] On the Second three days of the Novena the Sorrowful Mysteries are recited. The Sorrowful Mysteries follow the PATHS OF RED ROSES in Mary’s Rose Garden.

“FIRST MYSTERY: Jesus suffers an agony in Gethsemane. Ask for Mary’s resignation.

“SECOND MYSTERY: Jesus is scourged at the pillar. Ask for the spirit of mortification.

“THIRD MYSTERY: Jesus is crowned with cruel thorns. Ask for Mary’s meekness.

“FOURTH MYSTERY: Jesus bears His cross to Calvary. Ask for Mary’s patience in trials and sufferings.

“FIFTH MYSTERY: Jesus dies upon the cross. Ask for Mary’s love of God.


“Keep me, O Ever-blessed Mother, in conformity with the Divine Will, as was thy Son, during the AGONY IN THE GARDEN, when He said, ‘Not My Will but Thine be Done!’ When sin calls me away from God, may I be mindful of THE SCOURGING. Against the spirit of pride impress deeply upon me the memory of my Saviour and His THORN-CROWNED HEAD. When my feet are about to stray from the ways of wisdom, remind me of the CARRYING OF THE CROSS. Let me never forget THE CRUCIFIXION, when the dying Christ forgave His enemies, promised Paradise to a thief, and gave thee to me as my Mother.

“O Blessed Mother, with thy Rosary in my hand, I PLACE MY PETITION in thy care.

“[Here pause and mention your intentions.]

“O Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, I am mindful of thy great goodness to ST. DOMINIC, THE FIRST PREACHER OF THE ROSARY, I HONOR THEE for the aid given to ST. PIUS when the Cross triumphed over the Turkish Crescent. LOVINGLY DO I RECALL the eighteen Rosary apparitions to ST. BERNADETTE AT LOURDES, where you were pleased to instruct this poor peasant girl in the power of thine own devotion. I ACKNOWLEDGE THEE, O Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, as the Mother of my Lord and my God. Thy Son is my First Beginning and Last End. I RENDER UNTO HIM the homage of my being, and I SUBMIT MYSELF to His divine service, now and for the remaining days of my life. Amen.

“[3] Invocations [Same as the first three days]

“[4] Prayer for the Apostolate of the Rosary [Same as the first three days]

“[5] The Litany of Loreto

"[6] Prayer to St. Joseph
Dolan, Dominic, O.P. (Ed.); The Rosarian’s Handbook of the Society of the Rosary Altar (Marchbanks Press, New York, 1942), pp. 67-69.

All material from The Rosarian's Handbook used with the kind permission of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph.

Red rose, from Wikimedia Commons. Some rights reserved.

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