Thursday, May 12, 2011

Green Dolphin Street on Old Time Radio

For those of us who long ago rid ourselves of the scourge of television, there are difficult moments when an old movie is only available on VHS and not DVD.  For quite some time, I have been wanting to watch Green Dolphin Street (1947), a drama with a godly resolution of several romantic conflicts.  You can read a little about the movie in the Wikipedia article here and a Catholic review by Elena Maria Vidal here.

Much to my delight, I recently discovered that a 1949 radio adaptation of the story by Lux Radio Theater is available in mp3 format at the Internet Archive Old Time Radio site here.  (Go to the link and then scroll down the page.) At the same site, one can find many radio adaptations of other classic movies.  These include several romantic comedies by Catholic director Leo McCarey -- Love Affair, The Awful Truth, and My Favorite Wife.  Enjoy!

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Marie-Jacqueline said...

By the way, it is now available in DVD from Amazon.


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