Saturday, March 7, 2009

St. Francis de Sales and His Bearing

Addressing the topic of a man's bearing, Dr. Marian Horvat writes, "The bearing comprises the whole of the various postures that the body assumes when we walk, sit, or stand, alone or in company. . . All the qualities of bearing are summarized in the dignity of the posture. We should guard and conserve this dignity because of respect for: First, the presence of God, whose eye is always on us; Second, the company of Our Guardian Angel and other Angels who follow our actions; Third, our own dignity as Catholics saved by the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ . . .St. Francis de Sales always maintained a calm and decorous dignity. . . .Msgr. De Camius, Bishop of Belei (France), a very close friend of the Saint, had many occasions to observe him secretly. Always he found him with an irreprehensible posture. Such was the respect of the Saint for the presence of God that he would not make the least imperfection in private."

Horvat, Catholic Manual of Civility (2008), Tradition in Action, Inc., pp. 11, 13.


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